Reliable equipment is crucial for the success of your fueling facility. With so many brands and products to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s worth the investment. Which brands have the best prices? Which brands have the best technology or durability? In this blog, we will help narrow the options for you. 

Choosing an equipment brand for your next Underground Storage Tank (UST) or fueling system is an important decision to make. We want to add confidence in your decision. Don’t second-guess, be sure you are investing in reliable equipment. 

Some brands specialize in one specific area, others push out equipment for any and every one. This is our list of brands that we know will help you achieve fluent fueling! Whether you need retail, commercial, or transportation fueling equipment – these companies are great options for you! 

OPW Fuel Management Systems 

OPW Global designs and manufactures top-of-the-line fuel management systems that have been around since 1892, making them one of the longest running petroleum equipment brands on this list. OPW manufactures equipment for many sectors within the industry. They offer many lines of equipment for retail fueling stations (gas stations), commercial fueling, fuel transportation, and even car wash technology and equipment. If you need a piece of equipment, odds are they offer it! 

OPW Retail Fueling create reliable systems and products that promote safety for your consumers and for the environment. Underground Storage Tank (UST) equipment, Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) equipment, piping/containment equipment, and dispensing equipment – they’ve got it all. 

PetroVend is a dispenser brand of OPW, they manufacture fuel dispenser systems designed for managing commercial fleets. They bring cutting edge technology into their equipment, creating smooth and easy fuel management. If you manage a trucking fleet, be sure to check out how OPW’s PetroVend equipment can help you out today! 

OPW’s Website: 

Bennett Pumps 

Bennett Pumps manufactures some of the most trusted and widely used fueling equipment in the world. Their dispensers are used in over 90 countries around the globe. They push quality and reliability first. Bennett is so trusted in the equipment industry; they manufacture components that are used in 30 other dispenser brands! 

Bennett offers products and equipment for both sectors, retail fueling and commercial fleet fueling stations. Always innovating and adding new technology in their equipment makes it one of the most sought-after fuel dispensers in the equipment industry today. 

Bennett offers: 

  • Retail and commercial fuel dispensers and components. 
  • Top-of-the-line commercial fleet fueling systems.  
  • Can suit any fueling facility with several product lines.  
  • Committed to providing the right blend of features, technology, and price tag. 

Bennett’s Website: 


Veeder-Root prides themselves on making equipment that is both innovative and safe. Using technology to collect data and interact with the fueling system makes for easy fuel management. Their fueling solutions work to fight corrosion, limit leaks, efficiently fuel fleets, and automate processes.  

Veeder-Root is known as the #1 supplier of automated tank gauges and sensors in the world. They create some of the best monitoring systems and leak detection software on the market today. There systems offer amazing feedback and visibility of the integrity of your equipment.  

There are Veeder-Root operations and subsidiaries worldwide, they know a thing or two about petroleum equipment. They have led the way for so many new technologies and solutions in our industry.  

Help protect your equipment with Veeder-Root! 

  • #1 supplier of automated tank gauges in the world. 
  • 150 years in the making, the 1928 Root and Veeder company merger (Veeder-Root) created the largest manufacturer of counting and computing devices in the world. 
  • Innovative fueling solutions and top of the line products for their 500,000+ customers. 

Veeder-Root’s Website: 

Bravo Systems 

By now you’ve researched all kinds of different manufacturers and products and have chosen what is best for your fueling facility. Although, you still need a reliable yet cost efficient transportation product company for your new equipment.  

Bravo Systems has been an industry leader in reducing packaging costs for the last 23 years. Coupling the company’s vast product collection and quick response time with their innovative and alternative transportation methods gives Bravo Systems the ability to safely handle your transportation needs all while positively impacting your bottom line. 

  • High quality packaging supplies and materials 
  • Bravo helps transport your equipment safely 

Bravo System’s Website: 

What PTS Can Do for You 

Our PTS team members are certified to install, service, and sell all the above equipment brands for your petroleum station. We can assist you in making the right choice for your equipment. We are your one stop shop for all the equipment you need for your retail or commercial gas station!  

Working with PTS gives you confidence and peace of mind, knowing that we are using top of the line products and providing top of the line service. Though the industry is ever-changing, choosing to work with Petroleum Technical Services will always take away some of those everyday worries. 


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