Kimberly Tosadori-Yerace


Kim is the daughter of Keith Tosadori the founder of Petroleum Technical Services.  Kim grew up in the company.  After college Kim moved away and worked in corporate America.  In 2010 she joined the company and in 2017 became the CEO of Petroleum Technical Services. Kim has a deep passion and drive to grow the company and take it to the next level.

Cheri Tosadori

Office Manager/Owner

Cheri has been with Petroleum Technical Services since it began at her kitchen table.  Cheri worked a full-time job and worked for Keith her husband on evenings and weekends when the company first started. Cheri joined the company full time in 2001.  She has been interictal in the behind scenes functions of Petroleum Technical Services.  Cheri has become the mother of the company and makes sure we are well feed every Friday morning for our company breakfast.

Scott Gelles

Sales/ Marketing

Scott is our newest addition.  Scott started with Petroleum Technical Services in January of 2018.  Scott has hit the ground running becoming the face of the company.  Scott has 10 years of business to business sales experience.  Scott has become the resident comedian at Petroleum Technical Services with his quick wit and a can-do attitude.

Pam Harris

Administrative Assistant

Pam has been with Petroleum Technical Services since February 2007.  Pam is the first voice you hear when you call in the office.  Pam’s 11 years with company has made her very knowledgeable in the petroleum industry.  Pam is the gate keeper for the company so be nice to her!

Mark McNaughton

Service Manger

Mark has been at Petroleum Technical Services for over 13 years.  Mark has over 20 years industry experience and is a huge asset to the Petroleum Technical Services team.  Mark is our go to guy and loved by all our customers.  Mark has become the father figure of the company and all of the employees look to him for advice and help.